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Bo’s first hair-cut

I  mentioned in an earlier post that I may be cutting Bo’s hair to ensure that I am the first to cut his hair – you know, call me crazy… but the first hair cut is a big deal! I don’t want his first haircut to be performed in the way of a shaved spot! We don’t know yet what will happen, but just incase he does need to have some form of procedure or surgery combined with needing to shave a portion of his sweet head…

I gave him a hair cut yesterday! 🙂

Here he is on Tuesday…

before hair cut bo

In order to perform somewhat of an even and decent hair cut, we needed snacks…

bo first haircut 4

Lots of banana pieces… and many chunks of bread.

bo first haircut 3

I love that big brother was outside with us just playing in the water and having a blast…. definitely interested in the fact that Bo was getting a hair cut.

water boy during bo hair cut

…and we are done! He looks so amused! 🙂

bo first haircut

The only thing that was harmed during this event was an innocent banana and very seedy piece of whole wheat bread.

I can’t get over how much older he looks. He just looks so handsome! I should have done it sooner I guess, but hey – 🙂


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