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Being an advocate for your child // Calls I Made

First thing this morning I had had enough waiting.

I made some of my own calls.

Let me catch you up to speed a little bit: Yesterday we received a “courtesy call” from “Portland” (I am calling everything happening at the Children’s Hospital in all the departments from referrals to scheduling to whatever else…”Portland”) letting us know that they had seen a referral come through for our son,  but no information further…  “We don’t know when an appointment will be or what to tell you, we are just letting you know that we have received patient information and records.”  They then connected me with someone in medical records to verify information and get insurance details.  While on the phone with the gal in medical records we got disconnected.  I never received a call back to finish or verify that they had everything they needed.  So although they notified us they had gotten the referral and then I gave over Bo’s personal details… we were still left with “not much” and were literally left hanging… It’s not like I can just call her back… I did not know her name, her extension or anything.

The rest of yesterday and last night I was just feeling “unsettled”…. just yucky for lack of a better word.

So what did I do? I called “Portland”… yep! I’m not too good at just sitting back and doing nothing.

I tracked down some numbers and got a hold of a lady in the specific doctors office that we were referred to! Go me! I am so glad that I did because she explained to me a few very important things…

  1. The doctor was on vacation until next week.
  2. They were completely booked until the end of the summer because “when kids are out of school, they come in for their appointments”.
  3. Somewhere in the process, the word “Urgent” was missing from the referral.

Each of these things are important… or at least an extremely big deal!    I asked her what needed to be done because we could not wait until the end of the summer.  She told me to call Bo’s pediatrician and let her know that they needed to resend the referral as “urgent” etc.  So back to the beginning I guess.   I am so glad that I called.

I called our pediatric office and let them know what was going on and they stated the referral should have been urgent and would make some calls for me and get back to me (thank you, thank you).

{{Meanwhile we are playing outside… playing in the water and eating cheerios, bananas, raisins, milk, and sticks and bark (ideally not, but I am pulling them out of Bo’s mouth because anything is fair game to be tasted) as I wait for a call back}}

I received the call back after about an hour…

This is the new “plan” of attack.  Bo will be set up with an MRI here locally to speed up the process and the Doctor  in Portland will be emailed the referral (while on vacation) as a heads up for an appointment we should be getting for this next week when he returns.  They said he will need the MRI anyways, so if it can be done here and soon, it will be one step closer. That way we don’t have to head up to Portland for him to tell us to get an MRI and then set up another appointment.  So that is where we are currently…  Waiting for an MRI to be scheduled for us and still be given an appointment in “Portland”.

Thanks so much for everyone’s continued support and prayer for our sweet Bo.  We truly appreciate it and are so thankful to have all of your support and love!

I will post soon…. guess what!???



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