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Waiting // Bo’s hair!

We have been waiting a few days for the next step with Bo.  Many people have been asking us if we have heard anything yet… So here is an update,  which is not really an update because I don’t have much.

Yesterday morning Bo’s pediatrician’s office called and told us that their referral was officially sent on with his records and ultrasound report to Portland where we will be sent for an MRI which will most likely be followed by surgery.  With the referral was a request to have us up there for our appointment no later than 2 weeks away… 

I have so many questions that are burning inside of me as I wait….  I have so many thoughts.  Some that are rather petty and some that are more serious. When will they call?  How much notice will we have? I wonder if they will have to cut his hair.  I love his hair.  It is starting to curl…  But I know hair will grow back so is not that huge of a deal.  Maybe I should cut his hair before we go so I can be the first one to cut his hair and have some for his baby book…  Why am I thinking about his hair so much when it is so “unimportant”?  Maybe because it helps me to think about something as simple as hair instead of things that are more scary for me….  Like,  how fast is fluid accumulating?  How do they contain an active 9 month old in a hospital?  Will I still be able to feed him? He has never had a bottle before –  never been fed by anyone else!  Call it weird,  but I have always been there and always been able to feed him.  How long will be need to be away from home?  Will the procedure they decide on be overall safe?  Will my toddler be OK during all of this?  And again,  what about Bo’s hair…  Maybe I shall cut it…  At least get off a “lock”  just incase!  🙂  My questions are endless as is my wondering.  Does anyone out there have experience with this type of thing?

More soon!  Meanwhile…  We are trying to live as normal as possible as we wait. 


Here are my sweet boys yesterday evening at my parents house for dinner.
More soon!  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers! 


2 thoughts on “Waiting // Bo’s hair!

  1. I am with you friend… Now I wonder all the same details as mama… The feedings are so important.. Their movements… Their schedules… Oh my goodness. We are praying. God is faithful.

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