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We had an ultrasound today…

Today rocked my world. 

But not in the way that you initially think.  When someone says, “you rock my world”  –  that is typically a good thing I think….  You know,  you rock!  Well today my world was rocked in a different way… and I still feel a little nauseated.

We had an ultrasound today for my 9 month old  baby, Bo.  Today has already been a pretty long day after yesterday’s appointment when we found out we would need to find out what was making my baby’s head grow “too large”… I have been a little unsettled to say the least.


Friday morning at 7:30, the clinic called me to ask if we could come for an ultrasound at 2 pm because “the doctor requested it be today before the weekend”.  Of course we made it work because we are in a hurry to find out what is going on.

We left my toddler with my mom (thank goodness) and hurried to make our appointment in the middle of pre-weekend traffic.  Of course we got to the clinic and had paperwork and had to wait…  And wait some more.  It seemed like they were calling everyone back except us.  Then it came our turn.  I was glad when it was our turn…  Maybe we could finally learn something –  preferably learn that all is perfectly normal in my babies head!  I was getting sick of just “hoping all was ok”  and was ready to learn that indeed was true.

Our ultrasound lady was super nice –  sorry for not giving the correct and professional title,  but that is all I could think of was “at least we have a nice ultrasound lady”.  She was so sweet to Bo and patient with the fact that he wanted so bad to grab all her things and hold the cord and play with her ID tag.  It seemed like about 15 minutes of her taking pictures of his head.  I did not know what to look for but I did not see anything too weird.  She was pretty quiet the whole time of which could be bad or good –  who knows,  right?

She finished and then said she wanted to take the images straight to the radiologist so we would learn something immediately.  Out she went.  By this time Bo had had his fill and was ready for his nap,  so after I bounced him around for a couple minutes and he started to doze off I started to feel pretty faint.  It felt like 100 degrees in the room. But I just started to feel “sunk”… lose hope that all was going to be perfect.  I sat down in time for the “ultrasound lady”  to come back and tell me we may have to wait about 15 more minutes because the radiologist was in a consult.

After about 5 minutes she came back with the radiologist thank goodness it was less than 15 minutes, but he did not seem too excited.  My heart sank further and further as he began to tell us the news.  He wanted to look again at his head and show us exactly what he was talking about.

There is extra fluid accumulating In your baby’s head.

My nausea returned as he wanted us to look.  Sure enough.  He said the extra fluid was pushing his brain to one side and although was not an immediate emergency,  would definitely be one eventually.  He said we would likely need to see a specialist and he would send a report to his pediatrician…  Then he left.

So we walked out to the car in silence with an exhausted and thankfully sleeping baby and a multitude of unanswered questions that seemed to grow as we made our way home.

I don’t really like to wait but was hoping I would not have to wait long to hear at least something more.  It was about 30 minutes after we got home that Bo’s pediatrician personally called me. She asked if the radiologist had shared any news with me. I told her yes, but it was really brief and confusing. She went on to tell me that there was a cyst in Bo’s head that was collecting fluid and he will need surgery to get it drained. We talked for several minutes more, but that is the summary.  She said she would be contacting a specialist in Portland to refer us to and it would be very soon.

Now we wait. Waiting is so hard.

I wanted to post updates here on my website for family and friends that have been wondering about Bo as we may not be able to personally contact everyone… although we wish we could! This is where you will also get the real story! We are believing everything is going to be OK and Bo will be just fine.  Thank you to everyone who is thinking about us and praying for our sweet Bo.  More soon!


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