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Well-Baby Check-Ups // My sweet baby’s head

I have taken my 2 boys to each and every well-baby check-up that they recommend. I know parents that don’t take their kids when “all is well”, and there are no concerns. But each and every well-baby check-up that I have went to, I have always been thankful that I am actually bringing in a “well-baby” and have a sense of pride that my kids seem to stay healthy and strong. I find joy in getting them weighed and measured, seeing how they fall on the growth charts, and getting a good report from their Pediatrician. It is like a little reward for me… something that I can be very thankful for.  I used to think that you only go to the doctor when you are sick, so why go? But once I became a mother, I thrived off of my babies being healthy, strong and always being… well, “well”. It is really nice when the doctor tells you what you already know – you have a healthy one!  I am thankful for being able to see a doctor, even when all appears to be grand.

Here is Bo taking a snooze before his 9-month well baby check.pre check

Today is Bo’s 9 month birthday and I took him to his regular routine check-up. All was going as planned and predicted. You know, the nurse calls you back and asks a series of questions while I work to undress him to be weighed.

Is he eating ok? Breast or Bottle? How are his bowel movements? How does he sleep? Then we head to the scales.  She weighs and measures him:  19 lbs, 13 ¾ oz and 28” long. Then she measures his head and I see her write down 51.5 cm. My first thought was, that sounds huge, but we know he has a big head so that must be right and ok. I mean, big heads are full of brains, right?  We waited a few more minutes for his pediatrician to come into the room. She came in and all was going as predicted (again)… taking about all the usual things, eating, sleeping, temperament, behavior, milestones, teeth, and all that. Once she turned her focus to his growth stats, her tune changed a tad. She became concerned about the size of his head.

I told her that I was not sure if anything had grown during the last 3 months BUT his head and she said that worried her because that is what she was seeing. She told me that the size of his head was very close to adult size and that it had taken a significant jump in size since his last 2 appointments. The growth measurements typically follow along the same curve, so a big spike is reason to have concern. It all the sudden became very hot in the room as I looked at my sweet baby sitting there holding on to his doctors stethoscope with joy. He had no idea and looks so perfect to me. His head has always been large, but when it does not even come close to being on the chart for normal, that just seems too weird and that is something that cannot be denied.  So his doctor told me, “Maybe Bo just has a large head and all is OK. He is meeting all other milestones and there are no developmental delays or reason to be alarmed that anything would be wrong otherwise, but I want to make sure.”

So first I am so thankful that I took my baby to his well-child visit… even if all seemed to be normal. I am thankful that his doctor is very in-tune to him and has a relationship with our family to notice things that are just not “quite right”… and to have the initiative to refer us on when needed.  So, for me… our appointment went from normal to terrifying in a matter of one minute and like I said the room got very hot and I am typically the one freezing. It is amazing how one minute can change everything. So, what is making his head so large? We don’t know, but are going to find out. His doctor is going to let me know what is next for Bo.   We are dealing with a 9 month old of which most procedures are not exactly easy… he would either need to be sedated or be exposed to radiation to be able to see inside his head.  But thankfully, his doctor suggested we start with an ultrasound because his fontanel (soft spot) is still large enough to “use” to look inside his head.  So, tomorrow we are supposed to be a call from a clinic to set-up an ultrasound.

Am I totally nervous? Yes.

Do I feel helpless? Yes.

I will update as I can about Bo.


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