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My baby is 9 months old // 9 months: giraffe picture


I cannot believe we are already to this point. Time is really starting to speed up these days. I mean, it seems like I just brought this little one home from the hospital!


Thanks for letting me yell at you real quick – although there was really no yelling, just extra loud thinking – does that exist?


I mean yes.

Let me tell you a little bit about my Bo for those of you that don’t know him. Bo is very active. He is pushing things along and taking wobbly steps. Crawling anywhere and everywhere – up and over any roadblock that is in his way which includes his big brother or our dog. His favorite thing to climb on is mommy.  Bo is loud. He has been loud since birth… and maybe even before! He loves to hear himself make any kind of noise – and he will definitely make sure he is heard over any other noise that is present. He squeals with glee and bounces his entire body right along with it!  I love when he makes himself proud because he will get so excited that he will almost fall over due to his celebrating.  My little Bo hates being changed, cleaned or wiped in any way shape or form.  Have I already mentioned that he is loud and active? He could rather escape from me when he is totally naked, crawl over to the patio door, stand up, beat his hands on the window and squeal with delight that he has escaped and is fully naked.  Also, Bo is very social and personable. He loves to hold a stare directly into someone’s eyes… and he has that sweet little flirty look to go right along with it!  Bo is my little baby monkey – he loves to be touching me at all times if he can.  He wants to watch what I am doing, touch what I touch, eat what I eat and follow me around the house.  And last, but not exactly the end because I could go on and on… bo is so so so sweet. He loves to just be around us and be our little man.


Happy 9 month birthday to my sweet Bo-man. You make my heart do crazy things.

Does anyone remember his newborn giraffe picture? Here it is because I love to see the comparison over 9 months.

nb bo gir

and just look at him now….


Please don’t tell me “he will be in school before you know it”… or that “pretty soon he will be driving”… I can’t take it.


Bo’s 9 month stats:
19 lbs 13 and 3/4 oz
28” long
*51.5 cm head.

* his head size concerned his doctor so stay tuned as we are on a quest to look deeper into this. They told us that they wanted to look further to make sure he just had a “big head” and does not have something else going on. His head has always been at the top of the charts, but it took a large jump in size since his last well baby checkup. So this mom is terrified to say the least. So if you don’t hear from me in a while you will know why and if you hear a ton from me you will know why… well that makes no sense at all but thanks for listening. 🙂


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