Fly, fly away


I was folding the huge pile of laundry In my bedroom and suddenly there was a loud smack.  At first I did not know what it was…  Where is Kelvin?  Playing trucks on the floor by me…  Bo,  sleeping in his bed… Then look outside and see a stunned little bird panting in the dirt in its back.

Let’s establish something before I go on.


I immediately get totally attached to this little bird and will adopt the thing if I need to.  I watched it for a while between monitoring my toddler. 

It flips to its belly.  Good sign I think. It is still breathing super fast and has its eyes closed.

Come on little birdie!

(I am still hands off at this point)

It starts to breathe very slow… 

(I may have gotten a little teary eyed to be honest and gave the bird some motivational speaking through the glass door)

In comes my toddler and he sits on my lap and we watch the bird and talk about what happened… 

The bird drops his head to the ground and appears lifeless.

(did this really happen before my eyes?)
My husband then randomly texts me about something and I tell him with a ton of sad faces that a bird just died before my eyes…  (he hates birds)

Then walk back to check on him and he has lifted his head back up.

I am now hands on. I can’t help it. Yeah, yeah, diseases galore on a bird – everyone has heard that so go ahead and cringe. I will wash my hands, I promise!

I brought Kelvin out to look at the little bird who was now just resting in my hands as sweet as could be.

On quick Inspection, his little beak is a little out of wack maybe. It has calmed down a lot but is just not quite ready to fly. I’d be hesitant too.

Come on little bird.


At first he was a little creaked out then he loved it.



We had to leave for a bit and I wanted him to be safe, so I put him in the wheel barrow with some water and then gave him plenty of shade so he did not overheat.


Then left him to recover more and of course thought about him as we were out and about for the morning.


Once we got home I went out to check on him and he was still in the wheel barrow but had definitely walked around some and was hanging out in the shade. As soon as I looked at him he tried to fly and succeeded…



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