Don’t pick the flowers!

How is a little one to know which flowers he can pick and which he can’t?  This spring has kind of been a battle because he wants to pick all the flowers he sees.  He does not understand that I want them to stay where they are.  I tell him that they are “mommy’s prettys”  and he understands that they are such,  but is convinced that means he needs to bring them to me!  Sweet,  but not.  He knows what no means but often pushes his boundaries.

Like last night at my parents house…

He had already attacked one of my mom’s daisy bushes and had picked more than his alloted “2” and was off to see what else he could get into –  then saw these perfectly eye level purple beauties. 

“Ohhhhh pretty” he exclaimed but turned around to look at us figuring these were off limits. 


“Those are Grammys prettys,  don’t pick them please”,  (said grammy…)


“ok” said Kelvin but he could not help but really think all of this through…
Hmmm.  Maybe I will pick just one….
Maybe they will look away…
How do I get this to work out? 

So we diverted to feeding the birds instead to take the focus off the flower picking…  Grammys has tons of flowers.  At least today if we can keep his little hands free of plucking them!

He loved feeding the birds however…  Even If there were none around.


Of course no birds were in sight with our noisy selves but maybe later they will come and enjoy a scattered snack from a sweet curious little boy.


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