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A pooh day

Our dog has many names, one being pooh – although his real name is Chaco. He loves to… Wait no, lives to lounge… But also eat and be part of our family. He loves to go everywhere with us if he can. His day consists of nap after nap with little bursts of activity between each one. We call a “pooh day” one that involves a few more naps than usual – when the naps seem to bleed together Into an endless all day long nap. These days are days that I have honestly forgot we have a dog – but not for long because sleepy or not, he still stinks.

Today he seemed to declare a pooh day which typically looks exactly like this…


Taking a quick look at what is going on…


Deciding there is nothing to miss at this moment…


Drifting back to sleep….


And really getting cozy.


Here is to a 12 hour nap. This means tomorrow he will be a little more energized – like maybe skip one of his 5 naps – look out!

Is it dinner time yet?


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