God made Meatballs

I am so in love with my toddler… Just barely 2 years old and he is so full of life. He makes me laugh all the time! His little personality is really coming out. 

This is how our bed time talk went tonight…  (we have quite the routine around here for bedtime –  read books,  giggle,  tell stories,  talk about the day,  get a drink,  read more etc.)

Mommy: Did you know that God made you? 

KJ: (smiling from ear to ear) He made the Moon!

Mommy: why,  YES he did!  (thinking,  wow he is smart)  what else did God make?

KJ: Ummm make a sandwich!

Mommy: (Ok,  well….)  Oh really?  What else?

KJ: bananas,  apples,  and daddy!!

Mommy: Awe!  Yes,  you are right!  Anything else?



Enjoy the sweet moments in each and every day!


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