A broken purple flower…


It seems like the past few days/nights have been rough,  long and trying at home with my boys.  We’ve had (more than the usual) frequent messes, colds, teething,  transitions,  blowouts, skipped naps, whining and more… but when my 2 year old comes running in from outside with this imperfect yet perfect flower just for mommy it helps create a perfect moment out of a non stop chaotic day.  Sometimes the littlest of things can help remind us of what is truly important in our lives. We are all broken in some way like this little flower that did not stand a chance in the hands of my toddler… but can leave an impact on those around us,  simply by being who we are.  My guy did not care that he ripped the flower into pieces,  he just thought of the smile he would bring his mommy. He knew exactly what I needed.


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