8 months and growing fast // month 8 giraffe picture


How are we already at this point?  I know,  I know… Only 8 months –  nowhere near “grown”  but still.  Time is flying and my baby is growing before my eyes.  I stare at him all day and can even tell.  He wakes up from his naps and looks different.


This little one is very determined,  full of life,  personality and sounds.  If he sees something that he wants he will try with all his ability to go get it. He is persistent and will stop at nothing –  except he can’t do a ton about it… It will leave him frustrated and upset if he can’t reach something after trying and trying.

He is standing up at things,  taking (shakey) steps forward while pushing something,  sitting up (finally –  but was “delayed” due to his large melon), and telling me things all day in a loud,  yet sweet gibberish”.  I can’t imagine life without this sweet sweet,  snugly yet squirmy being of mine.


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