The little things


No matter who you are or what you do,  some days are just long!  It is amazing how the littlest of things can brighten even the “long days”  if you know what I mean.  A long day does not have to be a bad day necessarily,  let me assure you I have not had a bad day,  just loooooong…

My husband brought me this perfect pine cone at the perfect time. He got home from work and told me to open my hand because he had a surprise!  He said he saw it and his first thought was,  Beka would love that –  well he was right and who knows why I love it,  but I just do!  I mean,  what is not to love about it?  It is little,  and well….  Oh so very very sweet!  A gift from my husband which is the best! 

Sometimes the little things bring the most joy – because they usually represent large things!  It helps to think of things that bring joy no matter what kind of day you are having.  Good,  or great,  or long! 

When your baby sprays carrot puree all over you,  as you hear an infamous “loud sound” followed by an uh-huh from your toddler remember…..  Ummm –  try and think of something better!  😉
In my case this little pinecone that means my husband will be home soon!

Happy Friday!


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