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My little “helper”

Not that he is really that much of a helper when it comes to doing things like this,  but the fact that he is just so sweet and has a helping heart makes my heart melt.  It is usually a lot more work for me when he “helps”  to be honest but it ends up being better in the long run because I get to witness his little self just being that –  himself!


We did yard work on Sunday for my mom and this little guy just could not bare to stay inside all day just knowing we were outside –  even if we were technically working.  He loves to be outside…  He was trying to haul rakes and this little shovel around the whole time.  It broke his heart when I brought him in out of the pouring rain. Rain does not show him down one bit.


He did actually pick up several pine –  cones and haul them around in a bucket.  In addition he shoveled needles all over the place…  He was so proud and so am I.  Not because he picked up 8 pinecones or tried to help,  but just because of who he is. 

Love.  This.  Little.  Guy.


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