Getting pictures of little ones is complicated!

I always wonder how people get perfectly posed pictures of little ones… I mean really, they look perfect, no drool, no spit-up, clean clothes, no blinks, no blurry extremities, and to top it off – THE KID IS LOOKING AT THE CAMERA! I don’t seem to get any pictures that fit all of what I mentioned when I am actually trying to get pictures… I feel lucky to even get a clear one! …  I am terrified to pay someone to take pictures of my babies and them not turn out.

Anyways, I asked my mom to take some pics of the boys on last sunday since all I have is just candid ones of them doing their daily thing… and she has an awesome camera and skills to go with it. I was hoping for some good pictures of them together and separate (2 year pictures of my oldest and 6 month ones of my youngest). Who was I kidding?  The photographer was great but the subjects were not so amused.

Are you ready?





… this is taken a split second before big one topples the little one over into a tree (just to their left) ending our sibling session. The big one was far too into spotting airplanes and being a good ball and the little one was cold.

I love my boys and this just makes me smile even if we failed at getting a nice picture of the 2 of them together.


Then the little one had a turn at some solo shots:


mom, this is weird.


my hat has been tampered with.


The ceiling is so beautiful…


does anyone care that I am crying right now?


Oh, and we did not get any of the big one… he was very done with pictures and was off playing trucks.


One thing I have learned, you can’t force a toddler to cooperate in a picture.

Tell me your secrets for photographing children pretty please! I think I am going to have just candid shots of my boys for the next 5 years, then one day I will get that perfect picture!

Thankfully I can capture all their sweetness and love on them each and every day because that is something a picture can never capture.






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