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Year 2: Monkey Picture

It is truly amazin’ what 2 years can do…. who is this huge kid?

Well, as you already probably know – this is Kelvin. He just recently had his 2nd birthday.

He is 37″ tall and weighs in at approximately 35#.

kj monkey b

Just 2 short years ago, this was him on my lap for his very first monkey picture.   It did not take much time for him to pass up the monkey, now it just looks puny!


IT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A GOOD PICTURE OF HIM THESE DAYS…. he is super mobile, too busy, on the go, running around, being goofy… and if you get him to sit long enough to press the shutter button he is laughing, has his hands in his mouth or WILL NOT look at the camera. Sigh… maybe someday!

kj monkey b2

But for this one he really wanted to hold his special dog so that is exactly what we did and it helped him set still for a second.

kj monkey b1

This kid can talk like there is no tomorrow – he puts sentences together, mimics what we say and understands more than I even know he does. He is so much fun, has a cute sense of humor and is really stepping into his personality.  Stay tuned for another monkey picture maybe in a few months. I’m shooting for around 2.5 years old!




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