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My First Cut… and birthday suprise ruined

Im not taking anything crazy… But when I say CUT,  I’m talking about a new toy…

I  made my first Silhouette Cameo cut…
For those of you who are like, what on earth is a Silhouette Cameo? Well, it is a crafters dream (at least I think so, I’m sure there are many other dreams too)… but it cuts so many things…. paper, cardstock, fabric, vinyl and more… so I HAD TO have it, right? I mean… wanted it desperately. Hoping to start doing some little projects for us around here, as well as some little things here and there that I could sell or gift – again, why not?

Shhhhhh…… it is a birthday present for Kelvin’s birthday coming up!

He is totally into everything BOY right now, but especially dump-trucks. He has a few little ones, but when I saw this at Costco, it screamed KELVIN… except I tried to keep him from hearing it and seeing it because I figured it would be the perfect birthday present. I enlisted my most trusty back-up to get it for us (my mom/grammy). She picked it up for me and I have kept it hidden in his closet – yes HIS closet…. not much longer I will be able to hide surprises in his own room, right?

Anyways, as soon as my machine came in I got the idea to put his name on it.

I cut his name on the machine…

2014-04-01 09.54.45
…got it ready and had it like this on his dump-truck on our bed while he was taking his nap…

By NO surprise I did not get to it in time for him to wake up and had forgotten about it being OUT IN THE OPEN on our bed….


And wouldn’t you know it, that today of all days, he figures out how to operate the door knob to our bedroom? He opens it, walks in and is in the middle of performing the happiest of all happy dances because he has seen a “big-dum-tuck”.


{Insert dad coming in to get KJ that had just went into our bedroom…. which shifts to trying to figure out why he is so excited…. then comes mom 2 seconds later… upset}

{Dad takes KJ to living room – no dump-truck}

{Mom takes dump-truck to bathroom and shuts herself and dump-truck into the bathroom to compose herself and figure out what to do because she can’t just hand him his birthday present right now…. like this}

{Mom comes out to find KJ sad that he “lost” the “big-dum-tuck” while dad is holding him on the couch}

{Dad tells KJ that mom will explain everything}


{Mom tells KJ that it is a surprise for him that he was not supposed to see yet and that it is not quite ready, but it will be soon. Like when mom has to make  a sandwich and you have to wait a few minutes…?}



So after KJ went to bed later that evening I finished sticking on the vinyl.




Guess what Kelvin was looking for this morning? He went to Greg and said… “daddy, lose it… big-dum-tuck??!”

Oh well. Maybe in a few days he will forget?

But at least we know he LOVES IT!

I will share more projects as I do them…. but on to this house – It needs a small amount of picking up. 🙂


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