30 Random Things About Me

Happy Sunday, Happy March 30th! Today, because it is the 30th day of my birthday month I am sharing 30 things about me! 🙂

  1. Being a wife and mom make me feel more complete.
  2. I like predictability.
  3. I like order.
  4. The more peace, the better… but not the quieter the better.  They do seem to go hand in hand sometimes, but I’m not saying I love quiet all the time.
  5. The Starbucks “you are here mugs” make my world a little brighter.
  6. I like being needed but not taken advantage of.
  7. I have a deep need for hot water.
  8. I like creating.
  9. Having dependants is challenging, yet fulfilling.
  10. I feel that having responsibility is a privilege and joy… earned or not, and it bothers me when people don’t take it seriously.
  11. I am my boys’ biggest fans.
  12. I’m a sucker for routine but have room for spontaneity.
  13. Everything in the realm of coffee is exciting from the smell to the mug it goes in. I love it more when drinking with someone too.
  14. The sun is so wonderful. I love to feel the sensation of the sun hitting my face… not burning my face however, there is a difference in how that feels.
  15. Music rocks, but not all the time. Sometimes it is kind of annoying.
  16. I freak out a little inside when things just get entirely too chaotic and there is too much going on at once.
  17. I love paper and it just cannot be completely replaced by anything.
  18. I love color.
  19. I am crazy about animals and they always make me laugh.
  20. I like adventure but not so much if it involves touching cold water.
  21. My current favorite snack is a sliced apple dipped in natural style peanut butter with a touch of honey.
  22. I love the great outdoors.
  23. I am a cold body and am therefore a wimp in cold weather… but I do like cool weather – if that makes sense. I just have to layer up and then add an extra coat over my coat.
  24. I like to cook and bake but don’t really like following recipes exactly … I am kind of rebel-ish in that area.
  25. I love sports, but don’t really like to watch them on TV.
  26. It is hard for me to sit without doing anything at all.
  27. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
  28. I would consider myself social but not too overly outgoing… I am kind of a home-body.
  29. Maybe I will grow my hair out for a while… yep, I am going to grow it out.
  30. Once In my life I wore 2 piece swimsuits, but I think those days are over.


There you have it!  I am sure that there will be some that I wish I would have added, or some I wish I would not have but I can always make another list later, right? You are welcome for #30, by the way! That is a good thing. 😉

I hope this finds you happy, healthy and singing in the shower – but not singing in the shower at this moment because this blog is not on paper, and if it was it would be soggy. So please sing in the shower at a later time.

See you next time!




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