2014 · Baby · Giraffe Pictures · Themed Post

Month 6: Giraffe Picture

My littlest of little men is growing up too fast! He turned 6 months old yesterday! Can you believe it? ME NEITHER!!

Look how much he has changed from when he was just a new guy.

He has grown a ton! I don’t have his measurements quite yet as we have not had his 6 month “well-baby” appointment. But I don’t need a doctor to tell me he has really grown! He is almost crawling, almost able to sit up by himself and is almost ok with mom not being in sight (not!).


He is giggly too… His toes just make me smile… look at how they are all splayed out when he is laughing. We can thank his daddy for that talent, except daddy is not usually giggling when he does it. It is more of a “hey, check out my feet, isn’t that crazy”?


He loves to grab his feet also. They are so cool and he cant get enough of them. He is also reaching and grabbing anything and everything he can get a hold of with great determination!


I think he has a question…


bo62{hey mom, I have a question… are we done yet!?}

He is a sweet, happy baby who is full of life and wonder. He makes my heart pitter patter everyday!

Happy Thursday everybody! Hopefully I got a smile out of you today – this little man can’t help but make me smile!


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