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Cream Cheese Pound Cake

The recipe I am sharing today is my mother in-law’s (MILs) (late) recipe of which I like to bake in my grandmother in-law’s (GILs), also known as “Na-Na” (late) Bundt cake pan. I met my MIL one time and it was long before my husband and I married. It was my very first visit to Florida to see him and meet his family. I am sad to not have actually known her, although I feel like I do know her some through stories, pictures and being that she is after all my wonderful husbands mother.  She passed away in 2007. My husbands grandpa, whom everyone calls “Pa” gave me the Bundt pan as a gift after Na-Na passed away in early 2009. She shared my joy for baking things as well as for pound cake, so he wanted me to have her pan, which was a very special gift to me, and an honor. She would many times have a pound cake made for when we would have “coffee time” with them. This was an afternoon ritual that we miss very much. We would sit around the table with them and share about our day and hear stories from their lives.  Pa tells the best stories and I never tire of them.

This very pound cake recipe had to be a favorite of my MIL because it was taped on the inside of one of her kitchen cupboards.  Of course I kept it when cleaning out her house and of course I made it… make it and will continue to do so!

The actual recipe will below after all of  my little pictures! 🙂

What you need: butter, cream cheese, sugar, eggs, vanilla and flour. This is a pretty simple recipe which I like because it uses staple ingredients. I typically have all of these things.


Get your butter and cream cheese going in your mixer. I like to get them both good and incorporated before I add the sugar.

pc 18

Next add your sugar, one cup at a time mixing after each addition.

pc 17

beat it… beat it….. la la la la beat it!

pc 16

frequently scrape the sides down so everything gets incorporated fully.

{please pretend with all your might that I have pictures of me adding the beautiful eggs and the vanilla extract. }

After all is completely beat together and your batter is light in color, slowly add the flour.

pc 14pc 13pc 12

{now pretend that I have a beautiful complete batter to show you… this time I blame the kids}

This is how I prep the Bundt pan. Na-Na always told me she had a really hard time with her cakes sticking to the pan. Bless her heart, there is knife marks ALL over the pan, so I believe her.

1. I fully grease the pan with a thin coat of Crisco. I know, I know, Crisco? YES, it works well.

2. Sprinkle flour all in the bottom of the pan

pc 11

3. Move the flour all around in there, moving the pan in a circular motion until it is perfectly covering all of the pan. This is also how you can tell if you  missed anywhere while you were going crazy with the Crisco. Yes, Crisco.

pc 10

4. This is my fun little trick. I turn the whole pan upside down on my counter…. followed by a few swift smacks on the bottom with my lovely wooden spoon. I don’t have any aggression right now, but if I did this would maybe help.


5. lift the pan and take a look… all the extra flour releases from the pan. This is important because if you leave all the extra flour on there it will crust onto your cake leaving ugly-not-so-yummy tasting flour debris on your beautiful cake.  That was a lot to say, but do it…

pc 8

See? Much better. No flour clumps on my cake will there be!


Here is a picture of my done batter… remove the paddle… and you may or may not want to lick it to make sure it is OK. I may or may not have licked mine.

pc 6

Spoon your batter into the pan… I find it easier than just dumping it because it is not as thin as other cake batters.

pc 5

Spooning the batter helps with even distribution.

pc 4

Smooth it all out.

pc 3

One thing I was not able to do this time of which I LOVE (the kids were napping)to do is evenly hold your pan and smack it on the counter a few times. This really helps being the air bubbles to the top and out of your cake. This will yield a prettier cake. This is more important in cakes with thinner batter I think, but it is still fun!

{meanwhile the cake is baking at 300 degrees}


I let my cake sit for about 30 minutes on a cooling rack before overturning it onto a platter. It released almost perfectly.

pc 2

pc 1

I like it served with berries and sometimes cream too.

pc 20



  • 3 sticks of room temp butter
  • 1 – 8 ounce package of cream cheese
  • 3-3 1/2 cups sugar
  • 6 lg eggs
  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 T vanilla extract ( sometimes I add a tiny splash of almond extract too)

1. Beat butter, cream cheese and sugar until fluffy

2. Beat in eggs one at a time.

3. stir in vanilla on low followed by the flour one cup at a time.


Bake at 300 degrees F for about 2 hours or until toothpick comes out clean.

I hope you enjoy! This pairs well with a nice hot cup of coffee or topped with fresh berries and heavy cream.





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