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For the love of Kitchens: Mine

I wrote a post a while back about wanting to incorporate some blogs about “kitchens”… for the LOVE of kitchens! Anyway, here is another one on the very topic, except today will be about MY current kitchen.

This is the kitchen in the home we are renting.


It is really little, so I had to do a funky style to get it all in one picture. Go me.

Here is the left side at the moment:


Here is the right side at the moment:


I tend to rearrange a lot, move things around and then do it all over again. Tomorrow may bring a whole new look…. and of course a mess I am sure.

There are a few things I like and a few things I don’t.  I know, I know – very picky! 🙂

What I like:

  • That the microwave is off the counter.
  • That the cupboards are high enough that I can have larger appliances pushed back under them.
  • Natural light shines through from above the kitchen sink.
  • I love my small appliances (probably does not count because it is about the kitchen itself).

What I don’t like:

  • TILE! I absolutely despise tile counter tops. I’m also not a fan of tile floors, but the counter tops are a bigger deal to me. The grout disgusts me… it gets dirty, stained and just looks bad. Tile is also not conducive to roll out dough, knead dough or do much baking at all. Tile is just yucky for kitchen counters. It does seem popular though! Anyone that cooks a ton just can’t like tile… or do they? I may be the odd ball on this one!
  • The size – it is way too small. I cook everyday… sometimes several times a day so I need to have more space to spread out and well, cook!
  • The sink sits above the counter top so it is harder to keep around the sink… I like when the counter and sink are perfectly flush.
  • The fact that there are two windows split rather than one larger one centered. When I stand right at the sink, I see wall.
  • There is no pantry/ not much storage. I don’t need much food storage space, but more just storage for dishes, cookware, etc.

I will post more kitchen topics soon! 🙂

What do you like or not like about your kitchen or kitchens in general? Do you LOVE tile? Tell me why! 🙂


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