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Happy Spring!

On this first day of spring I thought I would share why I love SPRING!


S – Sunny days!

P –  packing away winter clothes… so exciting to me.

R – Rain.

I – increased daylight hours.

N – New life.

G – Green grass.


H – He has Risen… Easter!

A – Anticipation of grilling season.

S – Summer is coming!


S – sandals.

P – people get happier – literally!

R – runners, walkers and bikers are everywhere to be seen.

U – unsure if my shorts will fit… 🙂

N – nice weather.

G – getting outside more.



I got this picture in a text from my dad yesterday as they are on vacation…


with it he said…

“I see you, you can’t hide” 🙂

made. my. day!

I’ve had 2 kiddos with colds that have not been sleeping well, therefore me either so that was a great pick-me-up! Thanks, dad! Thankful they are almost completely over it and they are healthy!


Happy Spring everyone!!!


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