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Freezer Meals for little tummies: meat

Please pretend that I posted this on March 5th like I thought I did. Sometimes I have brain farts and then I don’t hit publish…  🙂

I have been pretty good about putting things in my freezer for us adults, and a few things here and there for my toddler like, these whole wheat sour cream pancakes which he loves and things like these smoothie bags… but I wanted to get something in the freezer that I can pull out for him at meal time that will be good for him. Sometimes it is hard to make him something to eat that is decent when he is already hungry.  Some evenings my husband is gone and I don’t really want to cook “dinner” – so having something more “dinner” like to pull out of the freezer for the little man helps. He is a big eater and really likes to eat REAL FOOD, so I try and capitalize on that and have healthy things around the house for him at all times.  He has no problem eating fruit, yogurt, nuts, 100% whole wheat bread, seeds, oatmeal, healthy cereals (if there are any that are actually healthy unlike fruit loops etc.), and what I am focusing on today is MEAT – my kid loves beef and bacon at the moment. He does NOT like noodles whatsoever so all he wants out of the spaghetti or lasagna is the meat. So I am making him some little freezer bags of just that – good ol’ beef with marinara. Pretty complicated huh? NO, and that is a good thing! Lets be honest here… time is something that we don’t have extra of.

Here we go!

“All you need is beef…

All you need is beef….

all you need is beef, beef, beef”

(sometimes I get carried away and sing my posts, but thank goodness we don’t have audio on this one)

kjm 1

and you need a marinara or sauce of choice… (hopefully when tomatoes are in season I can make it!)

kjm 2

then make some freezer bags with fancy labels… I used the “snack size”.

kjm 4

now cook your meat … you want it thoroughly cooked, fully drained and in small pieces for the little ones… I may get a tad obsessive but I rinsed the beef too, to wash off a little more fat.


add your sauce and stir it all in. I let the meat and sauce simmer a little while to let the flavors really cook together but it seems a little silly to get it all so t to turn around and freeze it. It will taste better though, so do it!

kjm 5


I then let it cool for a bit and scooped 1/2 cup of the meat sauce into a baggie… I made the mixture relatively thick, but depending on your toddlers ability you can add more sauce and grind the meat smaller.

This may go unsaid so I will sing it…

“This also is perfectly acceptable and yummy for adults.

la la la

pull a bag out for each tummy eating and use as a meat at your meal with some veggies on the side… low-carb it even…

la la la

…or freeze larger quantities for spaghetti or lasagna later!”


Thanks everybody! Happy Saturday!






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