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Bo meets spring

It is Bo’s first spring…

bo sp 5

and he loves it!

bo sp 6

This is chaco’s third spring and he thinks Bo needs help with this new thing…

because he has life experience after all…

bo c sp 2

lots of help…

bo c sp 1

lots and lots of help…

bo c sp 4

(sometimes he forgets that the kids are not his)

but Bo does not mind the help… he finds his feet fascinating…

bo c sp 3

But all that work exploring outside and enjoying the beautiful sun-shine makes a sweet little boy sleepy…

bo sp 1

Nap time in mommy’s arms in the warm sun makes for one happy boy!


3 thoughts on “Bo meets spring

    1. Thanks! He is such a sweet, chill dog and really thinks that they are his sometimes. 🙂 Gets concerned when they cry, thinks he needs to wash them (not allowed but he will sneak in a lick here and there), and hangs out near while they play!

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