Birthday in the air – input welcome for cake!

My son will be turning 2 in April… I know we still have some time but I also know that time flies (he should still be a baby) and I don’t have laxidasical days to lay around the house with cucumbers on my eyes with domestic workers doing my chores, changing my boys diapers and cooking us meals.   I am it in our little haven so I have to start early when planning things – like parties in this case… and cucumbers would totally block my vision.

Here is my little man on his first birthday with his cake:

healthy smash cake bday

So, speaking of CAKE ~

I want to start figuring out what kind of cake to make him this year.  The criteria are simple…  I want to make it and it will be healthy version.   Healthy is a pretty relative term, I know.  One person may say it is healthy if it has no real sugar, but is full of artificial sweeteners…another would say it is only healthy if it is fat-free.  Another may call it healthy if it has whole wheat flour. Well I assure you this cake will have both sugar and fat, will have no artificial sweeteners or colors and will most likely contain a fruit and/or a vegetable or two.  It will also have nothing to do with fondant. You may say, “It is his birthday, let him live a little” – well I plan on him living a lot, not a little!

So far I am thinking that I will make a carrot cake… maybe a carrot-coconut cake?  Or I could make a zucchini-banana cake? Or an oatmeal cake?  Oh goodness, the possibilities are endless, but I am hoping to bake a few “trials” over the next couple weeks and I will keep you updated. Last year, for his first birthday… I made him a healthier version of a “smash cake” and I can share that recipe soon as well because I realize that I never added the recipe last year – oh how time just gets away from me.  His first birthday cake was a banana-applesauce cake with whole wheat flour and greek yogurt frosting.  I actually baked a first trial cake when I baked this bread a few weeks ago, but I did not like it as a birthday cake… more just a healthier quick bread… but I have to start somewhere!

Of course I will update you soon as I begin formulating a recipe for my oh-so-special-sweet-one-of-a-kind boy!  I just can’t believe he will be 2. I’m not ready. sigh.

If you have any wonderful ideas, you are free to share them with me here! I welcome feedback and comments.


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