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Coffee Date

My husband and I are pretty big coffee drinkers… there is usually hot coffee in the pot, 5 empty coffee cups rolling around on the floorboard of my car and our toddler knows the look and smell of coffee without delay. It is harder to have the “coffee dates” that we were able to have prior to kids… we had leisurely mornings, long afternoons and free evenings to sip coffee and engage in conversation… we could stop at a coffee shop and sit… yep, actually sit down and enjoy some coffee for as long or as little as we wanted. WOW, seems like that was just yesterday, but now we have our 2 sweet little ones that are up and ready to rumble, eat, play and roam. Nothing leisurely about the days, afternoons or evenings. So, we have had to adapt a bit if we want to get any coffee time in together. We have to get up before them, stay up later OR find somewhere that they can roam without disturbing anyone or anything. Thankfully there is a place in town that we can go that has a huge fenced grassy back yard where we can roam outside and play. Week-day morning are typically less-crowded which is nice and we had a beautiful morning recently where outside was the place to be… I love that we can still drink our coffee but also have some room to play as well. It makes a coffee date that much better!

kelvin and his daddy exploring a bit…

kj d lb 2

Watching ducks on the river…

kj lb 2

showing daddy…

kj d lb 1

enjoying his “lid-less” water…

kj lb 3

such a happy boy…

kj lb 4

taking a break…

kj lb 1

little Bo loved his nice outdoor nap…

bo lb 1

My take-home from this day is that we definitely need to do this again… very soon!

A beautiful family morning makes all my cells smile. 🙂



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