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Picture Organizing… help!!!

Who has some really good ideas or ways to organize digital pictures?

I have thousands and thousands of pictures…. thousands! Some days I take HUNDREDS! I love to have pictures… even if I don’t have the intention of developing, framing them or inputting them into a photo book someday – having them is important. For me, they tell a story. They tell the story of my life, my loves and my family. But, I feel like I spend hours and hours trying to simply organize them.

I know it is so easy to see when they were taken within a folder, but for me, that is just not quite enough. Plus, having 10,000 plus pictures in ONE folder is too over stimulating for me.

I struggle with if I should make a folder for each of my kids… then within each folder break that down by month? or by event? or by year… and then month… and then event? What about when pictures are NOT events… like just random candid shots from day-to-day? This is where months would come in handy, but then again there can be hundreds a month.  I thought I would use this method, until I now have 2 kids…. and now I have tons of pictures with BOTH of my kids in them… SO do I make duplicate pictures to have them in EACH of their folders, OR do I instead not have individual kid folders and just have it by year and month within the year!? Or do I sort all of my pictures into year folders and break them down after that by kid? oh this is getting tougher and I am pretty sure I am over thinking it? 🙂

PHEW – so very complicated? Or is it?

I made my first son a nice photo book of his first year… and I want to do one for my second son as well. So it makes sense to keep all of  their “first year” pictures in individual folders” –  (knowing that my second son will have a lot of his brother in his book – that’s how it goes)… but after that, I am not going to make them each their own for every year, but make a family book (ideally and hopefully). This sounds good… but when I cannot get my pictures organized, making these books is daunting. I need to get organized so that way I can spend the time I have creating the book, not sorting and trying to find pictures for hours that I want to be in the book. 🙂

Thanks for listening to my venting and….

If anyone has any input or a method that has worked for them, please, please oh pretty please share!


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