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Back in action…

My new computer power cord finally came today after waiting for entirely too long it seems like…  But I am thankful nonetheless that it came and that it works! I was a little leery because the guy that I talked to on the phone at Dell was hard to understand and was not a good listener.  He  had to get my personal information 3 times, I had to clarify what I needed 3 times and also had to correct him twice on what I needed…. and I had to tell him NO 4 times  that I did not want to “take advantage of special financing on a flat screen tv”…. and that I did not want to “take advantage of special financing on a laptop computer”….  After I told him NO in the first place that I did not “want to purchase anything else today”.  Well, he still had the audacity to try to convince me I needed “Direct TV with a paired streaming device”.  I know they are required to tell us about this and that, but I get sick of it and after the already trying conversation, a crying baby and a tired shoulder from holding a skinny phone to my ear… I was not in the mood.  So, bottom line, I am excited to be back in action and excited the new cord worked without having to call the company once again. Now for catching up on my blog… 🙂

Here are a few cute pictures that have been stuck on my regular camera during my “phone only blogging” time the past few weeks.

sweet sleeping doggy (with a not so sweet smell)…

chaco 1 (5)

sweet little man in his tie…


sweet phone man, can you see it?


sweet little kitchen buddy of mine…


sweet ear plugs dude…


Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!


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