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An exclusive interview

Sounds serious and it was both serious and fun to interview my 22 month old today! He is 22 months + one whole day old. Below you will find our exclusive interview.

*How old are you?

*Ok… Are you old or young?

*Are you tall or short?

*What is your favorite color?

*What is your doggies name?
“Heyyyyy guys” (as he hugs him and laughs)

*hey guys? What is his name?

*what does your doggie say?

*Is your doggie a boy or girl?

*Your doggie is a girl?
“Nope, Boy!!”

*What is chaco?
“Doggie!!!” (as he runs over to him and points)

*What is your brothers name?

*Is Bo a boy or a girl?

*What is the trains name?

*What is the monkeys name?
“George ”

*Do you like to play or sleep?

*Do you like to walk or run?
(he runs everywhere)

*Do you like to jump or sit?
“jump, jump….
Jump….” (begins jumping)

*What is your favorite food?

*What do you like to eat?
… grammy”

*grammy is not a food silly!
” (lol)… CHICKEN…. Chicken!!”

*do you want some chicken?

*What do you want to be when you grow up?
“a balloon”

Such a fun day we had! 🙂


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