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Egg slicer proven to do more in life

When you have one of these basic “egg slicer” gadgets… And wish it could do more with its life…


You can open her up…


And plop on some (are those olives?)…


(Yep…) Olives!


And close her down…


And “waaah-lah”… 


You now have perfectly sliced olives…


This is great because you can save some at the grocery store because sliced cost more, or smile because you don’t have to slice an entire can of olives with a knife one-by-one anymore! And if you are me right now, when your toddler runs into the kitchen asking for olives (“albets”)  tomorrow… you can open the fridge, get out the container and hand them over immediately without making him wait until you can get one chopped because they are a choking hazard!  🙂

You are very welcome!


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