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My Man

My man…

Loves me and I never doubt it.

Cares deeply for me and about me.


Tells me no dream is too big.

Supports me.

Is patient with me.

Works hard.

Loves our children.

Is athletic.

Drives home, just to give me a hug.

Moved all of my stuff across the country twice.

Is funny.

Can jump very high.

Is strong.

Is outgoing.

Tells me I am his greatest blessing almost every day.

Snores only sometimes.

Has the cutest dimples.

Is smart.

Has great character.

Is passionate about the Gospel.

Likes his coffee black.

Eats his fruits and veggies with true joy.

Is my love.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I am blessed to have my very own Valentine and two sweet little boys whom I can’t get enough of either…Are 3 Valentines allowed?


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