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I’m really not THAT weird… Thoughts on food and being a dietitian

I am not practicing right now, but I am a dietitian. Does that immediately say “weirdo”? If so, why?  

Maybe I should be weird because I like container-izing anything and everything… or because I squirt toothpaste in my mouth instead of putting it on my toothbrush… or the fact that I could take hours at the grocery store… Or like to color coordinate my clothes or even that I am cold when everyone else is hot.

But It seems as though I am weirdest because I am a dietitian and because I like healthy food… Actually like it. My name is Beka and I like food. Healthy food is actually food – real food! Typically, unhealthy food is not really food if you think of it. What is the most unhealthy food you can think of off the top of your head? I asked my husband on the fly just now and he said a donut or a ‘twinkie’. I had the same thought so went to the hostess website to look for the ingredients and found a page of products they sell but no actual ingredients. Looking through the pictures of their sweet treats, I don’t have the thought – “food”. I think of all the things they need to add to these products to preserve, color, give texture, shape and more. This is not simply a dessert recipe with butter, sugar, flour, egg and leavening. I’m pretty sure a twinkie will last a decade.

I like food in general actually and that is why I became a dietitian. All the colors, shapes, textures and flavors of real foods are miraculous… And I am talking about “whole foods” (fruits and vegetables) – not the candy aisle. The making of a cake donut with rainbow sprinkles is not a miracle just a good recipe.

It is not hard for me to eat on the healthier side because I like the taste of real food and how it makes me feel. Think of an apple for example… Is it not cool how it just grew exactly that way? It has color, texture, shape and not to mention real taste! Why is it weird to eat an apple for a snack? We have got to change what the norm is and change how we see food!

Before I go off too much or rant and rave on that I have a question:

Why is it weird to eat healthy? Have you ever thought about it? Come on, you know what I am talking about – or someone out there does I hope. Read further:

Scenario 1:  I am with a group of people at a restaurant… I order a cheeseburger and fries – why do people say, you GO GIRL… yeah, you eat that burger…

Scenario 2: I am with a group of people at a restaurant, but this time order a salad – why do people say, ohhh you are eating healthy (in a negative tone) huh? Live a little! Way to make us look bad.

I have experienced and witnessed so much positive reinforcement come out of the woodwork when making less healthy options while negativity comes out when making healthy choices in todays society… why is that? It is very backwards. Why is getting double portions, ordering dessert or something “unhealthy” praised?  Now, to be clear… I order my fair share of burgers and fries, but I also order my share of salads too.  My husband and I have also received flack at a restaurant for sharing a meal. Why is “bad” to split a meal that would originally contain well over 1,500 calories?

Now that I got all of that out of the way, I can address some general things and speak for at least myself (with the hope that you will think a little less weird of me, ha ha) :

-Dietitians DO eat!

-Dietitians DO eat real food and by real food, this time I dont mean what is literally REAL (because we do that too), but oh like, a cheeseburger for example.

-Dietitians don’t really care that much about what you eat axtually… As In – I am not going to judge what you choose to eat or think negative of you if you chose to eat a donut for breakfast every morning to “have something on your stomach” before you swallow a diet pill. But if you ask my opinion I can tell you where to start.

-Dietitians are not all string beans. Some are very skinny, but every profession has a variety of sizes. Thank God we don’t have to make weight in our field… But it helps to be taken seriously however.

-Dietitians are equipped to educate and help people learn tools to better their lifestyle, overall health and fitness, improve understanding of food and how to properly fuel the body for optimal performance, certain disease states, weight goals and much more.

-Dietitians are to be an example in the community of how food can be enjoyed rather than avoided. It is better to be told what you can eat, rather than just what you can’t or should not eat.

-I became a dietitian because I love food and people and hoped to be able to do both of those simultaneously.

Lastly, I really am somewhat of a normal person… Just with a slight food obsession! 🙂

Thanks for listening to my thoughts of the day!


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