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Dear Vitamix, I like you alot.

One of my favorite small kitchen appliances is my shiny red Vitamix.  This thing gets used almost daily in my kitchen…. I really like it because it can do a lot of things and is just ONE machine. I really like gadgets, machines etc, but I do not like to have too much extra things… machines that do only ONE thing can’t rank too high on my list because my cupboards are full enough and my budget does not allow a different machine for each and every kitchen task.  This baby will make a smoothie to my standards (super smooth, perfectly blended and ice that is totally and completely pulverized to the tiniest of tiny pieces), and even knead bread. I can make baby food, chop things, blend, cream, purée, and more!
For a quick snack, I can grab a smoothie bag out of the freezer, add in some spinach, yogurt or whatever and blend it up in a flash!


As time goes on, I want to be able to share recipes with you that I like for my vitamix! Stay tuned! This summer will be perfect smoothie time – warm weather and lots of fresh fruit!


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