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If I were an ice-cream…

One of my favorite interview questions of all time (so far) was:

If you were an ice cream, what kind would you be and why? There is always the “why” on the end of these types of questions and is where you have to try and Come up with something that sounds good. I liked this question however because…
1. I like ice cream.
2. It is a silly question and I am silly.
3. My answer was the bomb and they seemed to like it alright.
4. It was such a nice break from the typical… “name 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses…” or “why should we hire YOU!?

My answer was probably really not the bomb, but thankfully I got the job and made a few bucks in college. The job was for a Resident Assistant position in college. This position is also more fittingly known as “the person who I go to when we are out of toilet paper or unlocks the door for me when I get locked out of my room”.

If I were an ice cream, I would be vanilla because you can mix anything into it. The options are endless… but if you were already Rocky Road for example, you are limited on what you can mix in without ruining it. Rocky road is set and should be left alone… Same with cookies and cream and many others. If I am vanilla however, I can be just vanilla but everywhere is up from there.

What kind of ice cream would you be and WHY ? No big deal if you want to be rocky road… We can still be friends and split the difference in a double scoop.


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