A slight blogging hiccup

Well folks, unfortunately my computer power source has failed us.  I have not forgotten about blogging and updating my site and actually… since I have not been able to blog, of course I have been thinking of it more and more and have been coming up with exciting ideas.  What happens when things do not really go as planned?  Make the most of it and come up with something  else…  So for now I will need to blog from my phone  which is difficult for a few reasons:
1. All my info and pictures of the blogs I had planned are on a lifeless computer!
2. Many of my pictures of things “to post”  are stuck on a camera that needs a computer with life to upload them!
3. When my toddler sees my phone he attacks it like a chicken on a June bug… he wants to do his little puzzles, look at my pictures or watch one of his shows on Netflix, so that makes blogging hard during the days and I try and hang out with t my boys instead of my phone.
4. All the features of a desktop computer are just nicer to use when needing to do such things as blogging!

But I will get back on track/schedule soon – now about getting a new power cord!

Thanks for being there and talk to you all hopefully soon!


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