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Watch out for “Carrageenan”

You read and hear a lot about stuff that you should or should not do… many scare tactics out there for sure. Don’t eat this… don’t use that! You are killing yourself if you eat this…. or this will cause cancer. Sometimes I feel like, what on earth does NOT cause cancer? Seems like one year you are supposed to eat egg yolks and the next you are not for example but how do we as consumers know? How do we keep it all straight? Especially when it is hard to trust that our food is actually safe half the time. We read and hear about things that are allowed to be put into our foods that other countries have banned… or that have been proven to be harmful to our health and well being.  I do read quite a bit about different foods, additives, processing and stuff, but sometimes it just seems so lofty or “out there”… but nonetheless it is best to err on the side of safe. This is why in our household, we do not use or consume artificial sweeteners or colors for one example. I will however share things with you here and there that have helped me or I find has benefitted us directly. It is hard to find the time to make everything I would like to make for my family at home, but there are changes we can make to be healthier and make better choices, even when time is NOT of the essence. Buying certain brands over others at the store, choosing organic items (even these sometimes can steer you wrong), and avoiding products that contain GMOs. A recent example of something I make at home is, homemade almond milk, and I also like making cookies with healthier ingredients, homemade breads, yogurt and more.

Like I said, I would share things I learn or have experienced first hand.

The additive “Carrageenan”

is found unfortunately in a lot of products that are sold on the market today… Even in some organic products. This is a gel-like additive that is added to dairy products and dairy substitutes. Examples are chocolate milk and other flavored milks, coffee creamers, heavy whipping cream (even many organic brands), almond milks etc. The problem with this is that it has been shown to cause intestinal issues and colitis like symptoms – furthermore has shown to cause colon cancer in laboratory rats. This link from the Cornucopia Institute has more detailed information. You can also sign a petition there and learn more about which foods have or don’t have it. The reason I wanted to share about this additive is because I have been having weird stomach issues for a few months now and it was not until I started to research this stuff that I realized that it was in the cream I was using for my coffee – Sometimes twice a day. I had no diet changes except this cream of which carrageean was present and since dumping it down the drain, my stomach has felt way way better. So I wanted to share this with you all incase you could be experiencing something similar.
Happy weekend to you all!


2 thoughts on “Watch out for “Carrageenan”

  1. You know. . . coffee in early pregnancy made me so sick, I enjoy it now, but I can’t handle the creamer anymore (weird!!) I wonder if its related to carrageenan.
    Very interesting! Totally agree with you on how confusing food products & potentially damaging additives are! Love these posts!

    1. That is crazy… Maybe it was that nasty stuff! Thanks for reading 🙂 I hope you and that sweet little she sprout are doing great! How much longer?

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