2014 · cleaning

A “down” day

School was cancelled today!

This did not  affect us because none of us are in school but nonetheless it was a good day to stay home tucked in our warm house, out of the elements as the roads were solid ice this morning.

So, since we were homebound, I deemed it a great day to wash our down gear. Anyone that has true down gear knows washing it is no simple task (if you care anything about it, and you do, if you have true down gear 🙂 )

Here is all our “stuff” stuffed into our washer. A front loading washer is pretty vital if you ask me to washing this type of delicate gear.

It is also nice if I go ahead and wash all of our coats together to cut down on overall time. This does take a little bit of time, but mostly “hands off” time which helps.

I put the coats in (also ok for down filled sleeping bags) and put a little bit of “nikwax down wash”


detergent product that gets dirt and grime off of those sweet feathers in your gear and revitalizes the original water repellent properties and maintains the breathability of the coat. It helps the feathers get clean and poof back out basically is what I have experienced.  On one of our moves, my coat that is from Western Mountaineering (which is the bomb and only weighs one pound) got wet in a bag and got smelly because it not only got wet from rain, but it then backed in the sun the rest of the day – not a good mix for down.  This stuff totally got it back to normal! Anyways, I put the coats in today and then into the dryer for a long time on the lowest heat setting with a couple of tennis balls… (or small toddler shoes – whatever you have on hand) which helps to knock the wet feather clumps around and fluff up the coat as it dries… otherwise the feathers stick together in your coat making it hard to get fully dry – the feathers need help redistributing back into the sections of your coat! Then you may want to wear your coat around the house because it is so clean and cozy and fluffy!

We also had some family popcorn time while watching “Airplanes” 🙂

popcorn time yall

We hope your Tuesday was as fun as ours!


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