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Month 4: Giraffe Picture

All day I have been in somewhat of a daze, a stage of…. how do I put it…? hmmmm…

Yeah, that’s it – kind of a hmmmm mixed with a little buzzzzz in the background, or is that the sound of me drowning out the theme song to “Thomas the Train” for the hundredth time…

Honestly and seriously though, I just can’t believe my baby is already 4 months old! It has gone quite fast if you ask me and it is amazing how quickly I have moved out of the “what have I done” stage to “oh my gosh I want 12 of these”. 🙂 ok, now I am getting carried away!


Has it gone fast you ask?

YES – it has flown by! FLOWN!

Do you really want 12?


Bo is just the sweetest baby… those of you that know him, know this to be true. He is so very sweet, content and genuine. He is full of life and wonder and plenty of giggles to make anyone feel a little happier. He is reaching for things, looking around everywhere, sleeping like a pro all night and busy keeping me in sight at all times while watching his big brother run circles around the house.  As you know, I have been taking pictures of him with his Giraffe to monitor his growth for his first year (possibly beyond) of life.

Without further delay, here is 4-month-old-happy- oh-so-sweet-Bo!Already 4 months old!He has changed so much from his newborn and one month photos to me.

bo 4 mo 1eWe are just so in love with this little man! Stay tuned for next months photo!



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