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Sweet Tea…a surprising weight gaining tool!

I posted this about 3 years ago and wanted more of you to see it… It is amazing how what we eat really adds up – more so, the amount of calories that are in what we drink. These are the calories that really sneak up on us and we may not realize. I will be starting to post some more “nutritional” posts this year but wanted to kick start it with this old post of mine because it is very detailed on exactly how fast sugar adds up in our beverages… and those extra calories mean extra pounds! Since I no longer live in the south, I will be working on another popular beverage that others may be able to relate to that don’t drink sweet tea in large quantities. Enjoy the read and maybe you will learn something from it.

because life matters...

I thought that my little nutrition tip for today would be focused on…

Sweetened Beverages but mainly,


…which is fitting  since I am currently living in the South! To think of it, I am surprised that the City does not just pump sweet tea through the facet!

I will use a friend of ours as an example and try to keep it short …

When Greg and I got back to Florida we were visiting with his good friend and it came up in conversation that this friend wanted to lose a few pounds. So we began talking with him about his diet/eating habits/etc… I was thinking we could pick one thing to focus on to begin with since he had never really “dieted” or actively tried to lose weight.  So I was listening, trying to pick something out and not too far into the conversation, he mentioned that he drinks a lot of…

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