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It’s been 10 years!

I can’t believe it! It has been right around 10 years that this super cute man and I started hanging out… The first time we actually hung out was the day before Christmas Break… right smack dab in the middle of December 2003. I had to then wait nearly a month (across the country from him)  until school began again with the hope of him wanting to hang out again… wondering the entire break if he had liked me as much as I had liked him.  The rest is history because here we are 10 years later – one happy little family!

We met in Kansas at a little College known as Bethany..

He came from Florida and me from Oregon.

We met in the middle.


We looked like this…

Greg_Beka_fl - Copy

Then after quite the journey together and apart and then together again we got engaged in 2009 after he surprised me by flying across the country to see me.

The very evening of our engagement is pictured below.

Greg_Beka engagement day

Then in June of 2010 we were happily married… look at us all dressed up!

and look at us now…  10 years later!

NHC Staff Party, Christmas 2013

we have not changed one single bit…  (winkity wink wink).

well… except that…

– we’ve had 2 babies

– we’ve moved across the entire country twice

– we’ve lived in 3 states and  4 houses

– we’ve had 4 different vehicles

– I have had a few haircuts and maybe just maybe fluctuated in weight a pound or 50 but when you make babies, things just happen and who is counting anyway? 🙂

– and we’ve fallen much more in love!

…all in our 3 years of being married. Probably really not that much when you look at it but everything that could be filled in between those lines is quite the adventure already!

Could not be happier that we met and took this journey of life together!



2 thoughts on “It’s been 10 years!

  1. Awwww! Love this! I’ll never forget when we were assigned a group project in one of Miriam’s classes and Greg flew to Oregon to visit you, and then instead of working on our project we gushed about boys! Awwwww! Sweet times you two! Those 10 years haven’t aged you guys one bit!

    1. Thanks Laura! 🙂 I totally remember too… Also I remember totally forgetting about the project until I was on my way back to school! She had some huge assignments!! Hope you are well mommy-to-be!!

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