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Laundry Time

My little helper… and by helper, I don’t really mean helper in the literal sense because it is not helpful when I have to go behind him and fix everything he does, but he absolutely positively loves to “help” me with almost anything. He will jump in to fold (unfold) laundry… load (unload) the dishwasher, organize (take things out of) the cabinets, sweep (scatter particles) the floor and more. But I don’t really care because he is truly helping me in his mind and it is just so sweet.

To him there is no work, all play…

He loves to help me load the washer… I had intentions of doing a white load this time… but he does not quite understand that there is “order” in washing clothes or that we typically only put CLOTHES in the washer.


He drug an entire pile of things into the laundry room that he wanted to wash. The dog’s blanket, my boots (2 pairs), daddy’s basketball, a Lego, some pacifiers and more.


It all needed to fit too… he was really working hard!


Then he knew soap was next…


Here he is about to run out to ask me to help him open the soap…. just hoping I will give him an open container of soap to play with.



2 thoughts on “Laundry Time

  1. Your account of his helping is hilarious and I am glad you are patient enough to let him “help” you, plus you delight in him. You are a wonderful mother, Beka! So proud of you.

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