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The bread knife

This post is part of my “For the Love of Kitchens” series which are posts randomly mixed in to my other random posts where random kitchen topics will be discussed… whatever comes to mind in the broad  field of kitchens. I thought I would talk about this beauty today… which is nothing even close to random. One of my favorite, most special gadgets/tools.

My grandmas bread knife


 She gave this to me before she died and I am truly blessed and honored to have it.

When I look at it I cant help but smile.

We were true buddies.

She told me never to submerge it in water… “I promise”, I told her.


This knife gets the job done… I know this because I use it and enjoy it.

Look at those teeth!

This knife had cut thousands of slices of bread… Grandmas famous homemade bread!

Now it cuts my attempts at bread…

if only my grandma were still here for another bread lesson because I need it, but really it is just her! 🙂



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