Happy Sunday!

I am up, my husband is up and gone to work, my toddler is still resting and this is my coffee date…


He is sweet, content,  does not say a whole lot and weighs in at 16 lbs, 4 Oz.  We are currently planning a new cookie recipe of which we will hopefully post for you tomorrow.  My last cookie recipe  worked out pretty well and was a healthier version due to the addition of Carrots (of which my toddler devoured quickly)  but I believe these will be a little more sweet… so far (on paper)  they contain coconut oil, chocolate chip, pecans and other regular cookie things :).

I asked my coffee buddy for input but he was too consumed by his feet and the status of his spiked hair so this is all up to me I guess.

I would ask him but…

I’m not sure he is the recipe creating type, at least for the moment. He appears to be dreaming of sweet nothings floating in the daisies.

Since I began writing we added one more to our planning date but if I mention anything that sounds or rhymes with cookie we will be in for an intense desire for cookies immediately (and we are just planning, not taking them out of the oven and it is time for breakfast anyways…)

That is it for now as I now have some little ones to hang out with… clothes and diapers to change, messes to clean up, hugs to give, coffee to drink and hopefully some fresh air to soak up later on this fine Sunday-of-a-day! What a wonderful day it will be… Hopefully with some baking. Stay tuned for a recipe tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!


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