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Happy 21 months!

Kelvin turned 21 months yesterday… I just had to take a monkey picture (click for a history of his monkey pictures)! He has really grown a lot lately and become such a cute little man! I can’t believe he will be TWO in a few months! We are so proud to be his parents! Happy 21 months!He…

  • says so many words that I cannot even begin to list them… says “I did it”, “get it”, “got it” and some other double and triple word phrases.
  • loves basketball.. “shoot it”…”dunk it”… “ba-ball”
  • really likes to go on walks and ride in the car – especially to see his grammy and papa!
  • loves to eat all day long
  • loves Thomas the train & Curious George
  • consumes large amounts of fruit still and actually loves olives
  • runs all over the place
  • loves his little brother and gives him a kiss and hug every day
  • loves trains, cars, trucks planes and helicopters
  • is full of life and brings us more joy each day than we can hold.

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