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A special night for mommy

A special night for mommy

Several months ago our bedtime routine involved me, Kelvin, his “doggie” and blankie (the blankie will have to be a post for another day) sitting in the chair in his room while reading a couple of books. After a few minutes I would put him in his crib awake where he would play or read for a few minutes before falling asleep. I liked being able to rock him for a few minutes because it helped him wind down and also gave me a chance to talk to him or sing or whatever… kind of wind down myself too. This was fun too because he was starting to talk and could say words to me which I loved. Well fast-forward a couple of months to this routine still working great and an increase to several toys and several books and 15 stuffed animals – but one night he quit wanting me to rock him at all! We sat in his chair and started to rock and he pointed to his crib and said “NAP”… “in there”… and that was it… no more rocking routine for us. He was too excited to have his crib time to play. I walked out of his room after kissing him goodnight relieved that it was so short because I was so tired only to quickly become saddened because he is growing up so fast and did not want to be held and rocked anymore. I am so thankful for times he will come sit with me now and need me…I wish I would have had more patience for nights that he needed to be rocked for hours… literal hours. All of that to say, tonight he let me “tuck” him in for the first time ever… And on the very day he turned 21 months old. Tonight, he beat me to his crib and was just waiting by it, ready to be lifted in… I picked him up but sat with him in the chair hoping I could steal one hug and guess what he said… “NAP, mommy, NAP” (pointing excitedly to his bed). So, I set him in his crib and buried him under his bear and he excitedly rolled around among his animals and stopped, looked up at me and said “blankie, mommy, blankie” so I did exactly that… grabbed his blankie, covered him up and tucked his blanket all around him while saying, “tuck, tuck, tuck” … then he wanted his dog and little orange blanket and he just laid there and looked at me… I could barely hold it together for some reason. Usually he just grabs a book or toy and hardly looks at me as I tell him goodnight because he has things to do! So my heart melted. He still needs me, just maybe not in the same ways everyday or the same way he used to.

*I was so happy he stayed like that while I was able to get my camera to snap a picture of him… look at him so cute with all his “stuff” in his crib. Such a sweetie.

Goodnight everyone! Rock on if you still have the chance. 🙂


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