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A special one-of-a-kind custom gift!

My dad made Kelvin a  one of a kind gift that will last for generations to come! I don’t have words to say how special this gift is… not only to our son, but to me too! My dad is so very talented, creative, generous and thoughtful! He gave this to Kelvin a few months before his little brother was born and he has literally played with it in some capacity every single day.  We knew he was working on something for Kelvin in his shop, but had no idea it was anything like this…

Cabinet_KJ 1

Here is dad showing Kelvin all the fun activities!

Cabinet_KJ 15

It has a couple of lights, a couple of tunnels inside for golf balls to travel, different drawers, doors, boxes, blocks, knobs, hinges, and much much more!

Kelvin and Cabinet 2

It has so many things for him to do! There are still things for him to figure out/grow into. He did figure out that he could stand in the drawer… a true test of its strength and durability!

Kelvin and Cabinet

I love that it is the focal point of our living room… it is in the backdrop of so many pictures and I just love love it!

Here he is stacking the blocks inside the drawer… pretty clever guy! This is what we call a “playstation” … the read deal! 🙂


THANK YOU a MILLION times over Dad!!!


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