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In mommy’s shoes…

In mommy's shoes today

I know he should probably be in daddy’s shoes of which would be cuter and more “fitting”, but this picture of him in my shoes is so stinking cute, I just had to share! I just love how proud he is about getting them on (even if they are on the wrong foot). He likes to carry shoes around the house and identify the owner of each and every shoe… and try them on. He has really taken an interest in shoes lately which is a huge shift from hating shoes a few months ago… even though he still loves to be a little bare-foot man.  It is rather sad when he brings me a pair of shoes that his feet are way too big for because he is so determined to get them on his foot. He looks at me and will keep repeating, “mommy… shoe… ON”! It is hard to explain things to a 20 month old sometimes in a way that he will understand. For some reason, “they are too small” just does not cut it. He started life with big feet and big they are going to stay… we already struggle with finding shoes that are wide enough for his foot and also “tall” enough because his foot is still so thick. I don’t know… is a size 7 for his age big? Maybe not, but it seems like it… but probably because they are so wide and adorably chunky! I love them! Now, if I could have been able to get a picture or video of him trying to walk down the hall in my husbands size 15 basketball shoes…


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