Themed Post

For the love of kitchens…

To be clear, for the love of kitchens, not kittens! 🙂

I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen or at least it feels that way! I make breakfast, lunch and dinner daily… as well as snacks between each meal! I have a hungry husband, boy and self! Then there is the clean-up… Ohhh the clean-up! So, since I spend so much time here I am pretty obsessed with kitchens! They just need to be certain ways and have at least the basics but why just the very raw basics? Seems like most homes skimp on the kitchen space… If I can one day design my own kitchen it will be a blast – and oh so huge, so very very huge! 🙂 I thought it would be fun to post some blogs on the broad topic of … none other than KITCHENS!

Some topics will include

– my favorite gadgets, electrics, utensils, etc
– pictures of neat ideas
– likes and dislikes
– dream kitchens
– and more!

Just as an example… I am so in love with this! Check out the windows (how they open up and the placement), the sink and neat clean, openness and sleek counters! I can totally see myself right there!

{original photo from an unknown location after floating all over pinterest}

So stay tuned for some future posts on anything and (probably not) everything in kitchen land! Be thinking of your favorite things too so you can hop in on the fun!


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