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New Years picture went “wrong”

This is what happens when you try and get your 2 kids in a picture at the same time… I had known they were not good right when I took them so I did not think anything of it but as I was uploading my pictures today I thought – too funny, almost perfect! So here they are!

—Rewind to New Years Day—

This was my thought when I woke up, “Hey, last night I put the boys in matching jammies… it would be so cute to take a picture of them for new years!!”

So… here is sweet Bo – he is even holding out his 4 fingers…. 2014 baby!

bo 2014

PERFECT, except I have 2 kids that I want to say Happy New Year with…

Here is boy number 2 who so quickly found my phone as I was setting up his brother…

kj 2014

Ok, boys 1,2,3 CHEESE…

both 2014

That was ok, but we can hopefully do better…

1,2, 3……..

(Kelvin you don’t need that paci and give me my phone…)

had enough 2014

Kelvin, wait a second, let me take a quick picture.


kj left 2014

He is out of here. Thanks Bo for cooperating.


both 2014 fail



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