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Fried Bananas


Have you ever fried bananas?  One of my husbands favorite snacks consists of sliced bananas fried in a little bit of coconut oil served on top of plain Greek yogurt with some kind of nuts sprinkled on top! We actually had one today and I took a picture of a miniature version that I made for Kelvin.  He also really likes it… especially the yogurt and bananas. I typed out the recipe below… however you can do whatever you like or make it up another way… Image

Fried Bananas with yogurt and nuts

– Drop a Tablespoon or two of coconut oil into a small skillet and let it heat up for a few long seconds… then slice some fresh bananas right into the melted oil. If you hear a little bit of a sizzle you are in business, but you don’t want it to be so hot it splatters everywhere.

– Sprinkle a little cinnamon right on top of the banana slices as they cook.

– You will want to check the bottom side of the bananas to make sure they don’t burn but they will probably take a couple minutes to cook on the first side.

– Once they are a nice light golden brown, flip each slice over to finish cooking – it will take less time to cook the second side.

– While the bananas are frying up, I put some plain Greek yogurt into a bowl (learn to make your own Greek or regular yogurt here) and add some pecans and/or almond slices… I find that it adds a good depth to the snack… something to chew or bite, otherwise the yogurt and cooked bananas kind of just mush around 🙂

– After the bananas are done cooking, simply put them on top of the yogurt and nuts (if you added them) and maybe top with some more nuts or even sprinkle some shredded or toasted coconut on top! You can add them while they are warm, or wait for them to cool and then top your yogurt… whatever you think! If you wait a few minutes until they cool, they will develop a little bit of a soft crunch – a caramel layer (kind of :))

*For variation, you can leave out the nuts or coconut, add other nuts or change the flavor or kind of yogurt you use.



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